Portrait Agueda Peña
I am a photographer, set designer and paper artist based in Barcelona, Spain. Specialising in advertising and creative photography, my work focuses on still-life and product photography. 

Born in Spain, I graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Pontevedra in Advertising and Public Relations. In addition, I hold a qualification in Audiovisual and Media Production as well as in Photography Lab. 

Over the past nine years I have worked and studied in different countries and I possess broad experience in various areas of audiovisuals and media. My current work is focused mainly on the studio where I explore the different techniques to create unique stills and stop motion animations.  

I speak fluent Spanish, Galician, Portuguese, English and also German.

Still-Life & Product Photography
Splash & High-Speed Photography
Creative Food Photography
Paper Art & Set Design
Stop-Motion Animation

Email: contact@aguedapenha.com 
Phone: +34 621 00 45 39​​​​​​​

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